8 October 2014

Online pet stores in Europe where I buy dog supplies

After extensice research of online pet shops delivering in Europe, I decided that Zooplus and TiendaAnimal are the best value for money available.

Miscota is overpriced and Petclic does not carry what I want, the online chat with Petclic also sucks, they gave me the wrong advice about antiparasites I was looking at in the page, it gave me the impression that the staff just wanted to finish off the chat quickly and they made up what they did not know to get me to buy it.

 ZooPlus has cheaper prices than TiendaAnimal, except special offers, but product range is much wider in TiendaAnimal than in ZooPlus, which is why sometimes I buy from them. Another thing is that TiendaAnimal only delivers to Portugal, Spain and France, whereas ZooPlus delivers to the whole of the European Union.

Mixed German Shepherd dog bitting toy
Mixed German Shepherd bitting dog toy

My customer service experience with both of them has been good, with quick phone and email response and a follow up rating link to make sure that the problem was solved satisfactorily.

As long as ZooPlus has the brands you want, I think that you will be fine buying from them. But be aware that ZooPlus product reviews of customers on their site are BIASED.

I sent ZooPlus various ratings and reviews of their products I had bought, and lo and behold, to much of my surprise they only posted the good reviews and ommited the bad review of one of their products. Their terms and conditions say that they reserve the right not to post your comments and sure as hell they make good use of that in their own favour.

You will see on their site that nearly all of the products that ZooPlus has for sale have a customer high rating, don't trust any of them.

Their not cheap pink pig dog toy was clearly made of cheap quality and not suitable for dogs, it only lasted my dog "Away" two days, and he is not even a big biter, this toy was money down the drain.

 It doesn't take a genious to realise that ZooPlus pink pig toy was not a defective unite, as soon as I got it home I saw that the made in China rubber was extremely thin, more for little kids than a grown up dog with big teeth, and I was lucky that I was there when "Away" ripped it apart, the pig contains little pieces that can be swallowed by dogs.

As cute as the toy below looks, and by the way, it squeaks when the dog bites it, if you buy it you will be wasting your money, it will only last one or two days. ZooPlus did not post my review of this toy, but they had no problem posting five star reviews of other customers, perhaps because they submitted it before they got a chance to see how little it lasts.

Shame on you ZooPlus, good prices and good customer service but customer reviews of their products that you can not trust because they trim all the bad ones.

German Shepherd mutt with pink pig
German Shepherd mutt with pink pig

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