18 August 2015

Repairing my dog's pawn pads

I made the mistake of playing fetch with my dog on a rough surface and even thought it is lots of fun, if you are going to throw a ball to your dog for fetching, please make sure it is in the forest or on a surface with grass, otherwise he will damage his pawn's pads, I know of at least another dog owner that had the same problem he was told by the vet that over time playing fetch on hard surfaces it is not good for the dog pawns.

I bought a spray called "Kw. Potepleje Spray" in TiendaAnimal.com, it is being advertised as moisturiser and dog pawn pad repairing spray that contains Aloe Vera. According to the label, this spray made in Denmark, creates a protective layer over a dog pads and protects him from salt, water and snow.

Damaged dog paw
Damaged dog paw

I have today finished the whole 50ml, it lasted around two months, and I am certainly not going to buy it again, here is why:

  • My dog Away hates sprays, when I tried to apply the liquid on his pawns he was scared of the liquid being sprayed on him, one work around to this was to pour the liquid directly without spraying it
  • Every single time after applying the moisturiser on my dog pads he would lick it, I did't think it is toxic, probably very tasty, but it is a waste of money if the dog is going to eat his moisturiser instead of letting it do its work, and there is nothing I could do about it
  • After two months of using this spray, I didn't notice any significant improvement on my dog pawn pads, I liked that the liquid did not smell and was not sticky, but few results, my impression is that it is the analogy of a hand cream for a human and it will not fix damaged dog pawn pads.
What to do now? Simple, I will not play fetch with my dog again on a pavement or path that does not have a soft surface, we will stick to do that at the beach.
Paw repairing dog medicine
Dog product to repair paws

Link to product (Danish language): https://kw.dk/?f=content&l=da&s=item&i=1375

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