23 August 2015

Protecting my dog's neck with Nayeco Double Thor spiked collar

I have had lots of incidents where ignorant dog owners put pressure on their dog's leash or shout at their dog or hit them all claiming that they do this to control them, when, of course, as anybody with dog experience will tell you, if you shout and hit your dog you will make him angry and he will bite the first dog or person that is around believing that is the reason why his owner is mistreating him.

I had my dog bitten by a huge peaceful pitbull, and I would like to stress that pitbulls are peaceful because it was the irresponsible owner shouting at him what made the pibull bolt and attack my dog.

There is very little you can do when another owner is ignorant and does not want to invest 5 minutes of his time researching the Internet about why his dog bites other dogs. I mentioned that the other dog was a Pit-bull, not because I believe the breed is any more dangerous than a Collie or an Akita, I mentioned it because pitbulls jaws are very strong and they can pull lots of weight, there is no way my German Shepherd mix stands a chance against that bread and without breaking the dog fight on time, serious injury or death is perfectly possible.

Stainless steel spiked dog collar
Stainless steel spiked dog collar
In case you have not experienced a real dog fight, know that dogs aim to bite the neck, that is the way to kill a prey quickly, there are major arteries on a dog's neck that make them easier to bleed to death than biting on their torso or legs. I am not willing to risk my dog's life again any more, to stop this I have bought two stainless steel spiked collars for my dog to protect his neck if another dog bites him.

I will be sorry for the other dog if he breaks his teeth of course, but it is his owner who is responsible, I can't just stand and do nothing when my dog is attacked by some moron shouting at his dog , besides, if nobody bites my dog on his neck first, I am sure nothing will happen, I see it as a defence, not offensive.

I found cheap spiked dog collars for sale in Amazon but the reviews were pretty bad, citing metal spikes falling off or rusting as the main problems. The best high quality real stainless steel spiked collar with double protection I found were for sale in TiendaAnimal, it wasn't cheap, I paid €60 for it, but, my calculation is that a veterinarian treating my dog after a dog fight would cost me far more, today I have seen the same collar in the same shop for €40 which makes me feel a bit silly having overpaid, but that is life.

I have had this collar, called Double Thor, made by Nayeco, a company based in Catalonia, for one year and the collar still looks like new after using it every single day, I am impressed with the quality. The only mistake I made with the shopping was the collar size, I should have bought a bigger one, the metallic plate on the collar shortens its length, the ideal Double Thor collar length for my 23kg dog, is the 55cm size instead of the 50cm I have, I am on the last notch if his neck gets bigger due to overfeeding I will not be able to adjust his collar any longer.

German Shepherd mixed breed wearing spiked collar
German Shepherd mixed breed wearing spiked collar
Away's neck protected from a mortal bite! :)

And a cheaper version of the same high quality dog collar, without the thin metal bar covering the spikes:

Spiked dog collar Nayeco
Spiked dog collar Nayeco

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