19 September 2015

Rewarding my dog with Friskies Funtastix from Purina

The best way to train a dog to come when called, sit, stay or advanced agility games is by rewarding your best friend with his/her favourite wish when he obeys. A dog's favourite drive varies from dog to dog, police dogs for example, are rewarded with play time with a toy when they discover drugs.

If your dog doesn't care about toys, there is not much to worry about, there are two other strong drives for dogs, petting and food. My dog does not care too much about petting or toys, but food? he goes so crazy over it, so I am training him with treats on a budget.

Here goes a little trick to acquire cheap dog treats, chop them off in little pieces, in a dog's mind a treat is a reward regardless of size, if it tastes good, it is something that they want.
Friskies Funtastix dog treat cutted to pieces
Friskies Funtastix dog treat cutted to pieces
Purina, a Nestle brand, sells these packets called Friskies Funstatix, I always cut the long sticks in pieces so that instead of 12 treats I have 120 treats, I carry them with me in a small pouch and if my dog Away does well on the street I give him one reward, if he does very well, I give him two or three rewards (3 pieces of chopped Funstatix), this way a small pouch of Funstatix lasts me the whole month. I also use these treats to make bathing and brush time fun for my dog and keep his mind off anxiety or boredom during those activities.

The price is affordable but be warned that Friskies Funstatix treats smells very strong and this kinf od artificial bacon smell is passed onto your hand if you are in contact with the treats for a long time like it will happen if you use them daily.

Another tip I will give you is that, as you can imagine, human food is far better than dog food, my dog will do anything for real fried chicken pieces, that is the top reward he gets, the downside to this is that, besides price, freshly cooked chicken is a perishable product that has to be eaten within a few days and it is also oily, this is the main reason why I use dried dog treats instead of the real deal, as long as you don't mind Friskies Funstastix in your hands and pockets, it is fine but if you usually wear nice clothes, I would not use it, I think that the smell is an overkill.

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