14 June 2016

Review dog bed Karlie Ortho Bed Oval

I have had this bed for three years now, I bought it online at Zooplus, and it was being advertised as a very comfortable dog bed specially designed for old dogs and those with arthritis or other disease of the joints. My dog Away does not suffer any of that but since the price was only slightly higher than other dog beds I decided to buy it.

The first impression of the Karlie Ortho Bed Oval Lying Matress quality was realy good, the non slippery rough textile material is strong and it comes with a soft cover that can, and should be removed in Summer. I removed it permanently because that type of cover for furry dogs living in mild climates is an overkill but if you have greyhound or other shivering dog breed he will love the soft warm white sheet.

The top cover is attached to the bottom with velcro, being white, it will quickly get filthy but it can be washed with little effort.

New Karlie Ortho Bed for dogs oval shaped
New Karlie Ortho Bed for dogs oval shaped
Another think I liked about the Karlie dog bed is that it seemed really comfortable and it has memory foam, however not the whole bed bottom is made of memory foam,only a portion from the top, the rest is a normal mattress.
Before buying you should watch out for the size of the bed, my dog Away is medium sized, and to sleep comfortable with no body parts hanging out of the bed he needs the large size of this model.
Inside foam Karlie Ortho Oval bed
Inside foam Karlie Ortho Oval bed
The oval shape is perfect for dogs rolling into a coil to sleep, the small bed fence gives dogs a little privacy and they feel more protected than a flat matress on the floor. Dogs like to have barriers around them when they sleep, it makes them feel safer.

The Karlie Ortho bed is also one of the easiest to clean I have come across, you can have everything in and out with just two zips, it will not take more than 5 minutes to put all together.
Destroyed Karlie Ortho dog bed
Destroyed Karlie Ortho dog bed
 There is only one mistake the designers made with the Karlie dog bed, as you can see from the picture, the tearing appart is not because of bad quality at all. It is from my dog scratching the bed with his claws, he started doing just a few days after giving him the bed (I protected it with a towel).

What I did not know at the time of adopting my dog is that dogs hate sleeping in flat surfaces, you might have seen your dog trying to scratch the floor of your dinning room before lying down, dogs like to sleep in surfaces that are rugged, soft but rugged, it helps them keep warm and safe.

Summing up, the bed is 99% perfect except that the surface is too flat and most likely your dog will end up scratching it like mine has done. This does not only apply to the Karlie bed, it applies to any dog bed.

If you don't want your dog to destroy his bed, place a towel or piece of cloth on top of the surface so that he feels he is sleeping somewhere jagged but without it being too harsh to sleep on.


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